Lecture meetings, symposia, radio and television appearances.

Title: The Beauty of Nishiki from the Point of View of a Textile Producer.
Kyoto University of Arts and Design
Tanizaki Junichiro Memorial Hall
Nara Television, Cultural Studio: University of the Heart.
Shizuoka Culture Arts University
Doshisha University Literary Society
Ashiya Municipal Art Museum
Kyoto University Loam Memorial Lecture.

Title: The World of Nishiki -- The starting point of Mechanization and Digital Technology?Tradition, Skill and Wisdom within Modern Technical Improvement
・The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan; Machine Department Meeting Special Lecture.

Title: "Research in the field of Restoration of Ancient Weaving Technology"---The analysis, research and restoration of National Treasure woven cloth.
Ritsumei University Art Research Center

Title: The Beauty of Nishiki?Generating Skills Project?
The Beauty of Nishiki--The Art of Generation Project
The International Association of Costume, Keynote Speech

Title: Kyoto and Japanese Traditional Weaving
Shizuoka Shinbunsha (Newspaper Company)Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement Course 21.

Title: Re: Special Products--From the point of view of a professional weaving producer.
The Kyoto Branch of the Japan Foundation, International Exchange Seminar

Title "Arts and the Re-vitalization of Japan" --The Woven Art of Koho--
International Japan Culture Research Center --Joint Research Association Special Symposium

Title: Kyoto Traditional Crafts and the Sense of Beauty in Life Culture
Participant in the International Symposium Sponsored by the International Japan Culture Research Center--

Title: "Rethinking Japanese Traditional Craft---The future and potential of craft as seen from the outside."

Shinto Youth Kinki District Liaison Council Assembly Training Seminar

Title: The Preservation and Cultivation of Craftsmanship
"Sophia Has Come"--Kyoto Shinbun Newspaper, Takakura Elementary School

Title: The Story of "Nishiki"
Participant in a jointly sponsored by the Kyoto Municipal Art University and the University of Siena of Italy.

Title: Conference on the Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Views from Italy and Japan. Participant and lecturer in the symposium held in Sienna.
Upon invitation from UNESCO, participated in workshop.

Title: "Traditional Textile Dyeing of the Minority Peoples," sponsored by China Yunnan Province, Kunming City.
Research Results Presentation at the 9th EAJS General Academic Meeting, held at Finland's Helsinki University.
Lecture at Finland's Lahti Museum.
Requested by the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cultural Exchange Department, to do cooperative project planning for the UNESCO Sponsored Symposium.

Title: "East Asian Artisan Monsoon Dye Culture, Old and New," and to assist as a producer of the symposium and workshop.
Research Results Presentation at the 10th EAJS General Academic Meeting, held at Warsaw University.

Title: "A Symposium of the Weaving Beauty of Koho;" Japan Arts Technology Center, Krakow National Museum.
Lecture at the Budapest National Applied Arts Museum.

Title: "The Creative Works of Koho."

Paris Japan Cultural Hall lecture.

Title: The Creative Works of Koho--Silk Prism.
Lecture at the Special Lecture Meeting of the 11th EAJS General Academic Meeting held at Vienna University Hall.

Title: The Beauty of Traditional Weaving. Various Historical and Cultural Issues involving Nishiki.-- Passing through the Woven Art of Koho.
Others: Fukui Shinbun Newspaper, Asney Seminar Special Lecture on Designated
Cultural Assets, Yamamura Salon, Shoen Benihana Gallery.

Television Appearances
Nara Television, Culture Studio, University of the Heart
MBS Mainichi Broadcasting The Beauty of the Heritage of Kyoto
NHK Broadcasting Painter with the Hand of a God
NHK Broadcasting Good Morning Japan
Kyoto Broadcasting Kyoto Cha Cha Cha

Radio Interviews
Kyoto Sanjo Radio Cafe
Kyoto "Twinkling" Travel Report